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Mai-Wel Enterprises offers a variety of assembly, packaging and business solutions to individuals, businesses and industry. Our team has considerable experience with both small and large jobs and is dedicated to high levels of accuracy while meeting your time frames. Furthermore by working with Mai-Wel Enterprises you will be assisting to enhance the lives of people with a disability at Mai-Wel.


Mai-Wel Enterprises can put more time and profit back into your business by saving you valuable time, effort and money. 

Products & Services:


- Electronic Document Scanning and Archiving

- Assembly/ Packaging of Promotional Packs/ Kits

- Mail out Service

- Promotional Products

- Personalised Items

- Signage, Banners, Flags, Car Magnets, etc.
- Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Posters, etc.

- Printing- Digital and Offset
- Laminating & Photocopying

- Graphic Design


Key Partnerships:


- National Disability Services (NDS) - BuyAbility

- NSW Government / Federal Government 

- Department of Education


Did you know Mai-Wel Enterprises also has other services such as:


- Timber Products

- Light Metal Fabrication

- Recycling Solutions


All services are located at the same site! Please visit our Mai-Wel web page for more information.

Mai-Wel Enterprises, formerly known as Hunter Business TimeSavers, was established in November 1994 to provide an alternate style of employment for people with a disability in a supported environment. Back then, the range of services offered was limited. However the 20 years since, has seen Mai-Wel Enterprises grow and establish themselves as a supplier of choice for many local and state-wide businesses and Government departments. Today, national organisations are reaping the rewards of Mai-Wel Enterprises’ flexible and innovative approach to business.